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In mid-2020, we launched the production of 3D TPU relief emblems.
The whole line was purchased in Italy and we put it into operation successfully with the help of Italian engineers.
The emblems shown on our web site are those provided by the factory which is producing the equipment for the fabrication of 3D textile relief emblems, and we produced some of them for our customers from the whole region and Western Europe.
3D TPU textile relief emblems are widely used on uniforms of various State authorities, such as police, army, fire services, as well as on uniforms of various security agencies for persons and property.
3D TPU textile relief emblems became an indispensable detail on all the jerseys of football clubs in Western Europe, so you can’t find any football club which has not 3D TPU textile relief emblems on their jerseys.
They look also very nice and elegant on various fashion clothes, bags, hats and shoes.
Comparing to metal badges and embroidered emblems, they are far more rentable, cheaper, lighter and more beautiful and with faster delivery time, they can come in any colour, even in gold and silver.
3D TPU relief emblems are waterproof and endure cold temperatures.
They could be applied on textile items via heat press at 140 degrees in duration of 15 seconds or using the Velcro tape.
We are able to produce 3D relief emblems in any shape or dimensions.