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Are the pad and the mouse pad the same thing?

Yes, it’s the same thing. A mouse pad is actually a surface for placing and moving a computer mouse. Improves the accuracy of the mouse, if we think about its usability on the office or desk. Thanks to the base, you will be able to use the mouse very precisely and without shaking.

Some mouse pads have an ergonomic silicone pad that allows us to rest our wrists. Very handy thing for people who are at the computer all day. But such mouse pads should be tried because they do not suit every person.

Depending on your needs, we can offer you four basic types of printing for substrates. Note that these four printing methods are the most common.

That are:

  • Mouse pad with UV print-
  • Sublimation mouse pad
  • Mouse pad with high frequency welding
  • Mouse pad with 3D lenticular print

The latter method is very popular. The whole trick is that if you have two photos on the pad, the photo will change depending on the viewing angle. You can have two completely different photos, you can insert your logo for example.

We have a lot of solutions and examples, so you can easily find an interesting idea that you can use.

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Can I order any dimension?

Of course!

In addition to pads, we often have orders for mouse pads and keyboards. Some standard for mouse pad is 210 x 190 mm, or 195 mm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t order a bigger or smaller mouse pad. Today, it is quite normal to make XXL bases for gamers.

It is up to you to tell us the dimension and shape you want. This means that you can design a mouse pad yourself or with our help. And choose the type of printing, if you need it.

But we advise all our clients to brand or print mouse pads or keyboards that we make for them. This is a long-lasting and not so expensive product. That’s why it’s great to use it as a gift to your business partners. Depending on the needs, we can print your logo with a calendar on them. Or a photo with your data.

There are countless combinations!

If you are not sure we will show you a lot of projects we have done. You will easily find a model that suits your company. And don’t forget that someone will be looking at the mouse pad throughout the working hours. There is hardly a better way to advertise. For a small amount of money. It is a gift that does not depend on the season, gender or occasion.

It is simply one of the most universal gifts and we would warmly recommend it to you.

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Do you know how to choose a pad?

If you don’t know, we’re here to help. When buying a foundation, be sure to try it.

Three things are important. These are speed, precision and user comfort.

Keep in mind that the pad prevents scratching the table by continuously rubbing the mouse and hand. You should also know that the base is a great glue for dust. In this way, the tremor of the mouse increases over time. If the cursor does not work properly, it will be enough to wash the surface.

You can wash it with detergent or liquid soap. Just to remind you that not all mouse pads can be washed in the washing machine. So be sure to check that it is safe to wash at 30 degrees.

Today, the gaming industry pays great attention to mouse and keyboard pads. Especially from the moment when optical mice began to be used en masse. Since then, substrates have become very important. Modern optical mice can literally work on plain paper or some other surface.

But for games or some more serious work, mouse and keyboard pads are unavoidable. Simply without them, working on a computer is much harder. And of course playing games.

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Order a pad through our website?

This became quite common during the digital revolution. We receive more than half of our orders through our website. It is much easier for people to order a product that way. Just send us a suggestion or idea by e-mail.

This is especially true for a large number of our partners from abroad. You can do literally everything via your laptop or smartphone!

For people who are old school, an invitation to visit is always valid. Come to our business premises and place an order.

Here are our designers to help you. We will drink coffee and make the best solution for you in an hour. This applies to all products we offer, not just substrates. Our offer is very wide and we can probably do many more things for you. All you have to do is imagine something, and we will try to fulfill it to the best of our ability.

We are here for you!