Domed labels

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of round shapes  

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of ellipsoidal shape

Check out our 3D doming gallery

of custom shape

The stickers we produce are resistant to UV- radiation, scratching and wearing.

Domed labels are greatly applied in product beautification and promotional purposes.

They are largely used by manufactures of windows, doors, cars, boilers, boats, where 3d stickers adorn their products and they are also used in advertising.
Dimension of domed labels we produce, range from 10x10mm to 400x400mm.
Domed labels can be made in any shape, as long as they do not have sharp edges, but slightly round.
Depending on our clients’ desires, domed labels can be manufactured manual or on automatic machine. Our daily manufacturing capacity of domed labels is approximately 50 000 pieces, for approximately dimensions of 4x4cm.
We are one of the rarest firms in region which succeeded in marketing its domed labels in China, and we are very proud of the fact, that our export is increasing every year.



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